About Us

We have been in the business of selling the quilting thimbles since ~2008 and have sold to a few retailers that you may know about (but have since changed hands) like Clotilde.  We have decided to merge all our businesses into one (handcrafted jewelry, handcrafted crochet items possible and the quilting thimbles originally from MomsMagicThimble.com) web site.  The thimble has been sold from MaJoy Company (WA State) from 2008 to present but sold from the origional inventor (my mother) from 1991 through 1995 then from the same company by my Father and Sister from 1995 through 2003.  Below is the history for the Thimble.

Fully licensed by Washington State (UBI 603 837 426) and the City of Tacoma (500050478).

This thimble was originally conceived by our mother (my mother in law) during a quilting session. She was having so much trouble with the normal thimbles and came up with this idea. Marian Joy had many ideas that she never patented nor worked on including a measuring device for children that allowed parents to take measurements at certain points in their growth cycle and write directly on the tape.

The Magic Quilting Thimble patent was filed for on July 11th, 1988 and finally approved on May 21st, 1991. You may go view the patent at the US Patent Office web site under design patent number D316931. Marian Joy was also named in the Who's Who of American Inventors.

My father in law made nearly ALL of the first thimbles ever created. He made some from metal, wood and plastic for early prototypes; however, the first production thimbles were actually my dad making them on his lathe in the garage from plastic. So if you have one that is made from clear plastic and has lathe marks in it, that is an original.

Her innovative imagination was always running. She was so inventive that sometimes her children and in laws had to prompt her to get a patent, she never did except for the Magic Quilting Thimble.When Marian passed away in July of 1995 the patent and the marketing of the thimbles basically went dormant. There were many attempts to keep the business alive but due to her husband being grief stricken and her family not having the time, the thimble business all but died. When my father passed in April 2003 the business was then given to my husband and I (who is her son).

Marian and Jim Joy will always be remembered for their innovations and unique way of creating things that were needed around the house (instead of buying things). We will always love you Mom and Dad... where ever this thimble goes, no matter what happens, your legacy will live on.

Remy Joy